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[vc_column_text]Glendronach 14 Virgin Oak & Lahaina Caramelized Pineapple

At WhiskyAndDonuts, we have found ourselves in a true love affair with the Glendronach distillery. Yes, we do love sherry-bomb aged whisky, but that is not the reason we seek nurturing from the nectar of this brand. Between the time of it’s rebirth from the mothballling in 2002 to the quite recent american aquisition, the tradition, quality and attention to simple details inside and out of their bottles is where our love lies. We say this with some hesitation, as we were visiting the distillery the day the american booze tycoons Brown-Forman signed for the keys… We only hope supplies will maintain their quality even as the demand for these very special single malts grow beyond their current capacity…
It is always a good sign when their core expressions like the 15YO Revival, 18YO Allardice, and 21YO Parliament begin to dry up and disappear… this means they are sticking to integrity in the product over profits… With today’s popularity of whisky, their simply can only be so much of a good thing.

Their rereleased limited wood series virgin oak is a delightful departure from their oloroso signature characteristics. Light and spicy arrivals followed by tropical creaminess, this a very enjoyable dram with greater depth than most other 14YO expressions out there.

From the whale’s vagina, Donut Bar’s Lahaina caramelized pineapple donut is absolutely delicious. Giant and fluffy dough with a subtly sweet glaze, the fresh and juicy pineapple topped pastry monster challenges the tart and smoke of the 14YO. Something has got to be in the batter, as we waited 45 minutes to enter San Diego location early Sunday morning… Whatever they are doing, they are going right because everyone wants a taste from their wide selection of doughnuts!

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Slainte[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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